3 Tips to Succeed In Your Fashion Styling Career!

Fashion Stylingis a highly recognised profession. The trends in this industry keep changing so, people may need a fair assistance in styling. You can take the help of a fashion stylist who apart from basic tailoring has many other roles to perform. A fashion stylist’s career is about a lot of glamour and is regarded […]

3 Styling Tips to Apply Makeup like a Pro!

Makeup is a reflection of your personality. It enhances the beauty and makes the person look attractive. Each one of us have different style and preferences, but the basics of applying makeup are same for everything. It is important to follow each step carefully because the smallest steps, when done incorrectly, can make a big difference in […]

4 Trends in Styling to Look Out for this Year!

The New Year brings new styles and is a perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Embrace new styles, patterns and colours in 2020. Refresh your wardrobe by buying what’s trending, works best for you and suits your personality well. The fashion industry scene keeps changing and the designers keep working on creating new designs to […]

3 Simple Ways of Styling Your Ethnic Outfits for a Fusion Look!

Ethnic garments are loved by most people around the world and Indian fashion is definitely more than just sarees and anarkalis. It also includes Indo-western wear, which has seen a rise in trend. This innovation has changed the dressing preferences of many and appreciated by Indians. You can enrol in a Fashion Styling course to […]

3 Simple Styling Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Pro!

Makeup artists follow a lot of rules when creating new looks. They are experts, but with a few easy tips, you too can apply makeup like a pro. You can join Fashion Styling classes to learn all the right techniques from professionals. Here are three simple styling tips to apply makeup like a pro: Use […]

4 Tips for Styling Your Stunning Lehengas!

Be it the bride, bridesmaids, friends or other guests in a wedding ceremony, lehengas are one of the top choices of women for such occasions. From simple and subtle to heavily embellished ones- there is one for all your moods and occasions. You’ll find a wide variety of lehengas in exclusive designs suitable for Indian […]

4 Kurtis that are Best for Styling with Jeans!

A kurti is the best option to be worn with jeans when you are running late or just want to wear something casual and comfortable. Designers are now crafting them keeping in mind the choice and preference of people from all ages. There is a wide variety of kurtis available in the market. From straight […]

This Season, Try These 3 Ways of Styling Sweaters!

Winter is round the corner and it is the perfect time to flaunt our amazing winter collections, which is incomplete without an iconic knit sweater. You can wear a stylish crew-neck or a pullover in a funky print to keep your style game on point. Sweaters in exclusive designs set the foundation for your winter […]

Fashion Styling Tips Helpful While Travelling

When you travel, you have to stay stylish in a limited number of clothes and accessories, which can often be challenging. Jet lag, exhaustion and being restricted to a small seat for a long time, can make you messy. However, you can be comfortable yet stylish by choosing wrinkle-free fabrics and keeping your skin moisturised. […]

4 Leather Shoes That Will Keep Your Fashion Styling Game on Point!

From footwear to bags and purses, leather is used to make all kinds of accessories. This material is used as they make your products sturdy, long-lasting and stylish. There is a wide variety of leather available in the market like synthetic, lambskin leather, faux, nubuck leather and so much more. Here are four types of […]