3 Interior Designing Tips for Small Spaces

When it comes to designing your interiors, you might come up with multiple ideas. But, it is quite possible that the availability of space may stop you from adding something amazing and displaying your creativity. If this is your concern, think no more. Here are the 3 Interior Designing tips that will help you to […]

3 DIY Wind Chimes to Add Charm to Your Interior Decors

Wind chimes were considered as a good luck charm in the olden days. However, as time went by, they became one of the most beautiful home décor items. People put this at the entrance of their rooms and the melodious sound created by these, is loved by many. If you are interested in Interior Designing, […]

Want to Change Your Kitchen Interiors? Here are 5 Tips

A kitchen should be clean, open, minimal and functional. It is a place where creativity and functionality meets together. A modern kitchen is the one, which uses a number of styles to create a space that is unique and full of essentials. It should be built keeping in mind the requirements of the home owners. […]

3 Interior Design Styles from Different Countries

People style their houses according to the climate, culture, availability of home décor items, space and so on. This is why every country has its own unique concept of interiors, which cater to their specific needs and requirements. You must have noticed that in the western countries, most localities have houses that are similar in […]

4 Most Iconic Chairs Of All Time

A chair is not just a piece of furniture; it speaks a lot about your preferences and choices. It shows the engineering, materiality, practicality and most of all imagination. Chairs are an important part of Interior Designing and these have evolved a lot over time. You can completely change the look of a place by […]

4 Trending Styles in Interior Lighting

Lighting brings out the life of a room. It gives the best look to the interiors. When done perfectly, it can look magnificent. Lighting plays a vital role in Interior Designing. Hence, it should be chosen carefully. Keeping in mind other interiors of the room, we bring you 4 trending styles in Interior Lighting you […]

7 Tools Every Interior Designer Must Keep Handy

With the art of Interior Designing, the designers can set a world themed to comfort and inspire you at all places. If you have the passion to design interiors, you must take up an Interior Design course to develop it. Before you scroll through courses for Interior Designing, let’s check out what designers work with […]

Best-Kept Secrets of Interior Design Only Experts Will Tell You

Did you know that interior designers use standard tricks while working on their projects? No matter what the given space or the clients’ requirements are, Interior Designers use a lot of smart work along with hard work.   Whether you are a student of an interior design weekend course, diploma course or a degree programme, we […]

5 Colours that Can Make Your Home Look Bigger

Are you troubled that your apartment or house looks smaller than you expected? Then it’s time to consider a few hacks for the solution. There are several tricks that you learn in Interior Designing to make rooms look bigger. This also includes manipulation of colours. Applying certain colours can give an impression of increased room […]

3 Great Ways of Adding Greenery to Your Home

Creating green interiors is the result of the realisation that green is always better and more energising. The presence of plants inside and outside the house brings a lot of beauty and causes natural air purification. If you are interested in Interior Designing, you should consider the possibilities of green interiors. Merging elements of nature […]