Chief Guest Geeta Phogat Graces Hamstech’s Sports Mania 2018

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As much as academics is important for a student, sports to plays a significant role in the physical development. Some people are good at sports while others are good in studies. Sports and academics are two very important aspects of life and juggling between the two may be challenging. Among the many educational institutes in […]

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Hamstech Institute‘s Booming Centers

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With the growing competition educational institutes are also under the pressure to step up their performance. Most institutes today have given serious thought on developing an environment that facilitates quality education and world-class infrastructure. Hamstech Institute of Creative Education is one such institute that has set a benchmark in terms of education and infrastructure. The […]

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What Gives Hamstech Institute an Edge

fashion and design courses

Hamstech has been a point of convergence for creative streams of learning including fashion, interior designing, jewellery design and photography. A pioneer of creative education, this institute has a lot of achievements to its credit. Hamstech works with unfailing ambition and unwavering vision. Its vision is to “Realise Possibilities”, which reflects the motive behind providing […]

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Why Hamstech Institute is a Believer of Creative Education

“Creative education” is not entirely a modern innovation. Even “Gurukul” had the tradition of imparting education in innovative ways. Practice-oriented education was largely at the core of it all. “Creative education” is a concept that grooms a student based on his/her comprehension and creativity. For subjects that are rooted in imagination and creative skills, this […]

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Avinash Gowariker: An advisor and a mentor to Hamstech’s photography students.

Over the years, mentoring has gained great significance in terms of professional teaching. The key role of a mentor is to enrich the learning experience as well as develop knowledge. A mentor’s expertise, teaching style and skill, all put together are instrumental in a students’ growth. Educational institutes require mentors with specific competence and teaching […]

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