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What Makes People Think Chartered Accountancy Course is Difficult?

Enrolling yourself for CA Foundation course is easy. What is difficult is to pass the CA examinations. One of the major things that come to our minds when we think about Chartered Accountancy is that it is very tough to crack. Well, a high proportion of the CA aspirants who have been doing well in their career, also find it pretty hard to pass the exam. But how difficult it actually is to become a Chartered Accountant?

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There are a few points that make people think that the Chartered Accountancy Course is pretty hard to pass. Proper discipline with the right attitude while preparing is the key to pass the CA entrance exam. The key reason why CA aspirants feel it as a difficult course is due to its vast syllabus. It needs a lot of hard work and determination to clear all the levels of CA.

Below are the other factors that can make CA appear tough for the students.

Books and study material

While ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) provides enough material, there is no guarantee that it is enough to pass the exam. The students will have to refer to more than one book for every subject. No matter how hard a student prepares, if the preparation is confined to one book/material, the chances are high that you won’t succeed.


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If the student wants to crack the entrance exam for CA, it needs a lot of time for preparation. Most of the times, it is the coaching centers that misguide the students. They often falsely claim that three or four months are enough to prepare and qualify the CA entrance. Three or four months is certainly not enough to crack an exam like CA which has such as a vast syllabus.

Also, faculty of CA institutions plays a vital role in preparing a student for the exam. It is suggestible to select an experienced institution like Hamstech for CA foundation course, which has experience in training students for more than 26 years.

Need for self-preparation

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No matter which coaching center you are training in, the most important aspect to crack the CA entrance is the need for self-preparation. The subjects in CA Foundation course requires the students to understand the concepts well. Notwithstanding the books and curriculum, students must do a lot of self-preparation and discuss. This phase in the entire CA preparation helps the students to understand the concepts with proper explanation.

If the above factors are too much to handle, then you might find it tough doing the CA CPT course. Also, unlike many other courses, if an individual fails to clear one subject, he needs to attend the whole level of exams again to pass them. This can often be demotivating. Boiling this down, the entire preparation starts by choosing the right institution for CA foundation course.

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