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Two Year Diploma in Interior Design (Awarding Body JNAFAU)


Besides imparting basic skills and awareness in both the general and professional aspects of interior design, this two year diploma also includes integrating skills of available materials, methods of constructions and the basic elements and principles of design. Students also fine tune their designing skills through computer aided design.Two year diploma in Interior Design offers JNAFAU affiliated designing courses that teach the aesthetics of working with interiors, home and commercial space designing, their architectural aspects and conceptual development of ideas.

Duration:2 Year


Course content


  • Theory of Design and Colour
  • Architectural Graphics
  • History of Furniture
  • Material
  • Constructions
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Design Studio


  • Materials II
  • Constructions II
  • Perspective
  • Design Studio II
  • Furniture Design


  • Services – Air conditioning/ Plumbing / Lighting
  • Professional Practice Estimation and Costing
  • Working Drawings I
  • Design Studio III
  • Auto CAD –I


  • Services II – Acoustics/ Landscaping/ Networking/Fire fighting
  • Professional Practices Project Management
  • Working Drawings II
  • Design Studio IV
  • Auto CAD II


The Interior Design Course prepares students to pursue careers as Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Furniture Designers, Consultancy Services, Set Designers, Project Managers, Store Window Designers, and Freelancers.

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