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Short-term Photography Course


Hamstech's Short-term Photography Course gives an opportunity to help you develop your ability and knowledge in general and specific areas of photography.The course is developed to guide you through,hone your skills and turn you into a professional photographer,in just 45 days.The aim is not only to help you learn more about photography but also teach you the technical elements in a short duration.

It includes 3 different but very important genres of photography from which one can be chosen for specialisation:

Wedding Photography:

Training is given in candid photography,couple protrayal,family shoots,mood photography,coordination with event managers and designing wedding albums.

portrait Photography:

Training is given in the art and techniques of mood portrayal,effective communication with the subject,lighting and exposure and image editing.

Fashion Photography:

The course helps you learn the specific skills needed to work on projects including ad campaigns,photo editorials,portfolios,catalogues,and window displays.It also equips you to sync well with fashion professionals like fashion designers,stylists and makeup artists.

Duration:45 Days


Course content

Introduction to Photography

  • History Of Photography

Basics Of Photography

  • Understanding the camera, lens, lighting, exposure and composition
  • Introduction to adobe lightroom

Introduction to post production- Adobe photoshop

  • Fundamentals of lighting
  • Applied Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Still life Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Basic introduction to Food, Architectural and Fashion photography

Portfolio making

  • Photography Portfolio

Career Opportunities

Students can start working as a Assistant for below roles

▸ Professional Photographer

▸ Fashion Photographer

▸ Product Photographer for e-commerce sites

▸ Travel Photographer

▸ Forensic Photographer

▸ Photojournalist

▸ Fine art photographer

▸ Photoblogger

▸ Freelance photographer

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