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Weekend Course in Photography(Awarding Body Hamstech)


Now make your weekends creatively adventurous!Enrol in Hamstech's Photography Weekend Course and turn your passion into a successful profession.This 6 Months course in photography helps students,working professionals,homemakers and others interested in the art of capturing moments,in sharpening their skills.

Our weekend course also gives candidates an opportunity to learn through practical training by participating in workshops,exhibitions and site-visits.Futhermore,the students here also get an opportunity to learn from a renowned artist and celebrity photographer,Avinash Gowariker.

This course is designed to give aspiring photographers a chance to rekindle their passion for photography.

Duration:6 Months


Course content

Basic Photography

  • Photography Basics
  • History
  • Anatomy of a Camera
  • Creative Use of Light
  • Light Angles


  • Principles of Visualisation
  • Principles of Design
  • Perspective Study
  • Elements of Composition Covering
  • Analysing the Strongest Element of Design

Advanced Photography

  • Portrait Photography
  • Advertising Photography

Final Jury

  • Photography Portfolio
  • Photography Exhibition

Career Opportunities

Students can start working as a Assistant for below roles

▸ Professional Photographer

▸ Fashion Photographer

▸ Product Photographer for e-commerce sites

▸ Travel Photographer

▸ Forensic Photographer

▸ Photojournalist

▸ Fine art photographer

▸ Photoblogger

▸ Freelance photographer

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