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3 Baking Tips to Make Perfect Cupcakes

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Everybody loves cupcakes but not everybody can make them. This is why we bring you a simple 3-step process so you can learn to make cupcakes easily at home. All you need to do is follow these steps.

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Here are 3 steps for making the perfect cupcakes,

Follow the Recipe

This may seem pretty obvious but many time people change the ingredients of the recipe with what they already have. You may think that it is okay to sub out eggs, use all-purpose flour instead of cake flour or baking soda for powder but that is not okay. DON’T DO IT! Follow the recipe with perfect for perfect cupcakes.

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Images source- Rachel Hollis

Ready the Batter

All the ingredients must be at room temperature so when you mix them; the batter is immediately ready for use. Also, always keep in mind not to over-mix or under-mix either. This is very important as it could cause taste problems later.

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Images source- Sally’s Baking Addiction

Cooling & Frosting

When you cupcakes are out of the oven then wait for them to cool down before you start doing frosting on them. Else, the frosting may melt and it will ruin your cupcakes.

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Images source- Cupcake Project

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