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3 Books to Read to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

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If you are someone who loves to read and have an interest in creating digital art, this blog is for you! Instead of reading another best-selling novel, you can read a graphic design related novel that will teach you something new for sure.

You can also join a Graphic Design college in Hyderabad to learn more about this from the best in the industry.

Here is a list of top three graphic design novels you must read to enhance your skills:

How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

The world of graphic design may not have an official manual or guide but with this book, you will have one. No matter how much experience you may have as a designer, this book will surely inspire you more and give you meaningful advice. Start attending Graphic Design classes to create exclusive digital art..

Images source- Bibliografik

The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo

Do you have entrepreneurial dreams with designing skills? If yes, then this book is for you. It is written by designer-founder entrepreneur, Steve Vassallo. The book focuses on improving your knowledge about problem-solving and business strategies. Enrol in a Graphic Design course and learn more about this from professionals.

Images source- thewaytodesign

The ABC of Custom Lettering: A Practical Guide to Drawing Letters

This book is written by typography teacher and graphic designer, Ivan Castro who provides simple instructions to create beautiful letterforms, scripts and more. The lessons are spread thoughtfully for readers to understand easily.

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