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3 Creative Ways to Capture Shadows Through Photography

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Just like light is necessary for photography, darkness has an important role too. If you’ve noticed, some of the best photos have both bright and dark side. This darkness is mostly created through shadows.

Shadows, either formed by the sun or by any other source of light, are beautiful. You can click some best photos with them.

Photographing shadows is an art and there are various techniques that can be used in capturing them. Here are the 3 of them.

Aesthetic shadows

When an object comes in the middle of light and an opaque surface, it forms a shadow. You can take this as an advantage and get some of the best clicks. The beautiful shades of sunlight with a dark shadow gives an aesthetic look. Join a Photography school and learn to take such flawless photos.

Mistry shadows

An object that is closer to the light source, creates bigger shadows and the object that is far from it, creates smaller ones. You can use this technique to make your photography mysterious. All you have to do is place an element closer to the light and the subject close to the surface. You can learn more about this creative method of capturing pictures at professional Photography classes.

Illusion shadow

As a kid, we would often make different shapes with shadows using our hands, didn’t we? Use your childhood memories to give an artistic illusion to your photography. Master this art by enroling in a short term course for Photography.

If you are in search of a good Photography course, join Hamstech and learn from the Bollywood Photographer and celebrity mentor, Avinash Gowariker and get certified.

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