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3 Delicious Frostings You Can Use While Baking Cupcakes!

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Cupcakes look scrumptious and tempting when good frosting is done. This thick, fluffy and buttery coating over your desserts can be perfected with practice and makes your baked goodies taste delicious.

There are different types of frostings which are suitable o decide the type of cupcake. The red velvet cake traditionally has a cream cheese frosting. Professional cake Baking classes in Hyderabad teach the students all the frostings that are necessary for making the best cakes and cupcakes.

Here are three types of frostings that you might want to try:

Butter Cream

Butter cream is softer and more spreadable than most frostings. Most professional bakers use this to add taste to their delicacies. It can be used as a filling inside cakes and also as a coating for decoration. It is traditionally made by beating sugar and butter together or other fats like lard or margarine.

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Whipped Cream                      

It is a light frosting, which is made by cold-whipping heavy cream and sugar together, till it becomes light and fluffy. You can enhance the taste of the cake by adding flavours to the cream. Cake making classes in Hyderabad teach the right techniques, to get those perfect and delicious soft peaks.

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Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a thick, sweet but tarty frosting which comes in a range of thick to thin consistencies. It is perfect for baking red velvet cupcakes and a many other pastries. Join Baking Classes in Hyderabad to master the art of icing using cream cheese.

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At Hamstech, we offer one of the best Baking courses in Hyderabad through which you can learn the art of making and icing different cakes and cupcakes in just 3 months.

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