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3 DIY Wind Chimes to Add Charm to Your Interior Decors

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Wind chimes were considered as a good luck charm in the olden days. However, as time went by, they became one of the most beautiful home décor items. People put this at the entrance of their rooms and the melodious sound created by these, is loved by many.

If you are interested in Interior Designing, you must know different techniques to make these soothing decorations. These are easily available in the market. However, designing them with your own creativity gives a different level of happiness and peace when you hear them tinkle.

Let us take a look at 3 easy-to-make wind chimes:

Woollen Wind Chimes

You must have seen many metal wind chimes but have you even seen the ones made from wool?  The woollen wind chimes are soft and colourful and can be made easily. You’ll need some colourful yarns, a string and some beads to design this. With an Interior Design course, you can learn this technique from the experts.

Plastic Bottle Wind Chimes

Instead of throwing away the used plastic bottles, you can use them to make beautiful décor items. You can make the best use of these bottles by making a beautiful wind chime from it. You can cut the bottles into a particular shape and stick some decorative items to it. Hang this with a string and your wind chime is ready. For a better understanding on this, you can enrol in a diploma in Interior Designing.

Dream catchers

Dream catchers are a trend these days. Almost every youngster has a dream catcher in their room and if you do not have one, you can make it on your own.

Want to do learn new techniques of Interior Designing? Join the Interior Design vocational course with Hamstech and learn designing from our celebrity designer and mentor, Shabnam Gupta.

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