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3 Fashion Tips to Remember While Styling

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People love to style themselves according to their preferences. However, sometimes the garments that you love might not be in sync with the occasion you are dressing for.

You must have several things in your closet that are longer in use. You might have become bored of their Fashion Design patterns or they are out of trend. However, that’s no reason you should be ditching your old garments and accessories. It’s time to flaunt a new style with the old. Here’s how you can do it.

 Following are the 3 Fashion Styling tips that will help you dress like a diva. Let’s take a look at them.

Choose the perfect Jeans

If you prefer jeans most of the times, it is important to choose the perfect size. This garment becomes loose with every wash. This is the reason why, Fashion Styling classes will suggest you to go for a smaller size.

Accessorise with bold colours

Most of us will have neutral coloured clothes. The best part of these garments is that to accessorise them, you don’t have to select the perfect pair. Instead, you can go for bold colours. This will give you a stylish look and highlight your Fashion Accessory.

Enlarge your shoes

Did it ever happen that the footwear you pair with an outfit doesn’t fit you anymore? This will no longer force you to spend a fortune for a new pair. You can place an ice bag inside your shoe and leave it in the freezer overnight. This will enlarge your shoe and make them perfect for your feet.

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