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3 Graphic Designing Rules Every Beginner Must Know!

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Just like any other profession, graphic design comes with its own set of rules. To know which rules you can break or change according to your professional needs, you must be acquainted with all its rules.

Graphic Design can be overwhelming for beginners and you shouldn’t expect to become a master in a month. It plays an important role in building a business or brand through your art and designs. You can join Graphic Design courses to learn creating unique digital art from professionals.

Here are three Graphic Designing rules every beginner must know:


You can create a relationship between similar or related elements with the help of proximity. These elements shouldn’t be grouped but they should be visually connected by font, colour, size and a other factors. Graphic Design classes are a great way to learn more about this in detail.


This plays a pivotal role in creating a seamless visual connection with your design elements. Alignment creates an ordered look for the blocks of texts, images and shapes by removing elements placed in a messy manner. Join an institute of Graphic Designing and enhance your skills under expert guidance.


When it comes to branding, repetition is a fundamental design element. It strengthens the overall design and creates a rhythm by tying elements such as logo and colour palette together, making the brand or design easily recognisable to viewers.

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