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3 Innovative Types of Pies that You Can Bake

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Most of us love to bake and eat pies. This is one of the earliest forms of desserts, originated in Egypt. But it has now popular across the world and is even made by great chefs!

There are endless options available for baking pies and is enjoyed throughout the year.

Here are the unique fruit filling ideas for baking mouth-watering pies. Take a look.

Mixed Berry Pie

Be it the bitter sour taste of cranberries or the citrus sweet taste of blueberries and blackberries, they taste delicious. When used together as a pie filling, these berries will give an exotic flavour. This recipe is taught in a lot of Baking courses in Hyderabad.

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Cheese Cakes

Due to the crispy crust that is used in its preparation, cheese cake is considered as a pie. Cake making classes in Hyderabad will teach you to make some of the best fruit flavoured cheese cakes.

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Apple Pies

The Professional Baking courses in Hyderabad consider this pie as a classic recipe in making of pies. However, this can be made yummier with some innovation. Adding other fruits, dry fruits or flavoured jams to this pie can enhance its taste.

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You can experiment a lot and try innovative techniques to create mouth-watering pies. If you would like to enhance your baking skills, consider joining Hamstech for the best Baking classes in Hyderabad.

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