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3 Jewellery Designing Tips to Take Care of Your Pearls

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Pearls are delicate and give you a classy. They are durable, but need proper maintenance and care to last for years. Be it a necklace, a ring, earring or bangles, these can go well with both Indian and fusion garments.

You can wear pearl studs to a corporate meeting, pearl necklace and bangles to a wedding or pearl earrings to a party. These are ideal to be worn on any occasion. Join a Jewellery Designing course and learn the art of making trendy ornaments in exclusive designs.

Here are three Jewellery Designing Tips to Take Care of Your Pearls:

Store Them Carefully

You should store pearls in a soft cloth of silk, satin or cotton. These are usually available at your jeweller’s. Do not store them in plastic containers, as the chemicals released over time can destroy your pearls. Experts during Jewellery Design classes say that the nacre of pearls is hard, but in comparison to the metals and other gemstones, it is quite soft and can easily get scratched. Also, do not store them in a dry space as they need moisture and the best way to keep them hydrated is by wearing them.

Keep Them Away from Acid

Pearls are made from calcium carbonate and acid can easily dissolve them. These can include vinegar, chlorine, citric fruits and a lot more. Our sweat also has an acidic pH so, experts at Jewellery Designing colleges advice that they should be the last thing you wear and the first thing to take off. Avoid wearing it to sleep and make sure to wipe them with a soft cloth.

Wash Your Pearl Jewellery

You should wash your pearls to keep it clean. Use a soft cloth and dampen it in lukewarm distilled water to remove the dirt from them. Normal tap water has chlorine that can damage your earrings, rings or necklaces. If water isn’t enough, you can also use a natural soap but avoid detergents or steam. Join a Jewellery making course and know more about this from the best in the industry.

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