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3 Makeup Tips for a Glowing Skin

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Women love having a healthy and glowing skin. What’s better than a bright smiling face in all your photographs? The natural way of getting a shiny skin is keeping it healthy and hydrated.

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Here are three makeup tips for a glowing skin:


Use a Glow-Enhancing Lotion

One of the easiest ways to create the appearance of a glowing skin is using a lotion that illuminates. These are available in different shades and suits all skin types. This lotion instantly hydrates and luminises for an all-over fresh glow. Apply it alone or under makeup. Experts at Makeup Artistry colleges advice using one of the lighter shades to highlight and using a darker shade as an all-over bronze or to contour.

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Apply a Lot of Highlighters

Sometimes one highlighter is not enough to get that dewy finish. So, you can use multiple highlighters to get a glowing skin. There’s no reason why you should stick to using a single highlighter for a makeup look. Try applying different highlighters on different spots on your face or mixing a few together for a unique glow!

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Add Glow-Boosting Drops to Your Foundation

There are different products in the market that guarantee you a naturally glowing skin. You can add glow-boosting drops to your foundation or even a moisturiser. Professionals at Makeup Artistry institutes advise shaking the bottle well, then apply alone or mix a drop or two into your foundation or face moisturiser for a natural glow!

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