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3 Modern Vintage Fashion Ideas You Should Try

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The blend of vintage-styled clothing with high-street clothing is known as Modern Vintage Fashion. It includes clothing with bold prints, high waist bottoms and collared shirts.

Many fashionistas across the world love modern vintage fashion. The demand to buy authentic vintage pieces has increased in the last few years.

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If you are a fashion design student, giving a modern vintage look to an outfit can become overwhelming since it is tricky to get used to this fashion style. But worry not! Here are a few modern vintage fashion ideas that help you understand this style and become a fashion guru!

 Let’s dive in without any further delay!

Try to use high-waist pants and shorts instead of low-rise bottoms:

High-waist bottoms are a vintage signature and they are apt for any outfit. This choice of outfit is very flattering on any body type as it can be enlarged till the hip and waist.

Choose plain white or colourful, printed blouses:


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The white cotton blouse is one of the most essential pieces for a modern vintage wardrobe. You can dress up or dress down depending on your mood and environment. Alternatively, blouses with loud prints can make a great vintage fashion statement.

Choose high-waist swing skirts and shirt-waist dresses for a more feminine feel:

When it comes to choosing dresses and skirts, choose the ones that fall around your ankle and sit tight on your waist. This was a very popular way of wearing skirts back in the 1940s and 1950s. Also, it is easy to dress up or dress down based on modern accessories.

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The great thing about vintage fashion is that everything comes back to style sooner or later. Fashion forecasting is one of the important topics in fashion design courses which is about predicting future fashion trends by analysing the past and the present trends. If you are interested to learn more about modern and vintage fashion trends, it is advisable to take up a certification course.

One of the best institutes to take up a fashion design course is Hamstech. Hamstech’s 18 months programme in fashion design includes 1-year detailed training in fashion design and the golden opportunity to attend a 3-week study programme in Singapore that will give them international exposure in the fashion industry. Enrol in the course today and sharpen your skills in the craft of fashion designing.

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