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3 Photography Tips to Capture Sunrise!

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Be it amateur or expert photographers – everyone loves to capture different shades of sunrises. They are beautiful and when clicked properly, can produce amazing shots.

Even if you love to click the rising sun, there are some tricks to get them perfectly. You can join Photography weekend courses and learn the art of taking perfectly-timed frames without disturbing your daily schedule.

Here are three photography tips to improve the quality of shots:

Choose a Location

It’s very important that you choose the right location for your shoot. You should pick a location that is out of the way of the main road and traffic to prevent disturbed shots. Experts during Photography weekend training say that you should go to the location in broad daylight before the shoot to ensure your view of the horizon is unobstructed.

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Arrive Early & Check the Weather

To be able to shoot stunning images of the sunrise, it is important that you arrive early at the location. You can decide on the angles or frames you want to take in consideration. Also, check for the weather before finalising on the shots. Join Photography weekend classes and learn more about this from experts.

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Shoot During the Golden Hour

Most photographers love capturing images during the golden hour. This happens right after the sunrise and may last up to one hour. The light during this time creates the longest shadows, while keeping the details in them intact. It reveals the structure and all the textures with the warm yet pleasant sunrays.

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Join Hamstech’s weekend Photography course and enhance your skills without compromising on your job or education. Learn to take the right shot and start your journey towards a successful creative career with celebrity Photographer, Avinash Gowariker.

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