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3 Popular Fonts that You Should Use in Graphic Designing

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A graphic designer uses colours, visual objects and images to make an amazing interactive design for the targeted audience but it all goes to vain if the font chosen does not communicate with the right emotions of the viewer. This is why the selection of the right fonts is very important for a copy to give the desired outputs.

To be able to make impressive designs, you must know about the right fonts and their utilization. So, join a graphic designing institute and learn all this from experts.

Here are 3 most popular fonts you can use in graphic designing,


Helvetica is one of the most widely used fonts in the industry. It is liked by most of the professionals for various reasons stating that the font is simple yet unique and many argue that the spacing is little tight which makes it look amazing.

Experts at graphic design colleges in Hyderabad believe that this font is the best font for logo designs.

Images source- Pinterest


Another loved font is Garamond as it offers a variety of versions to the community of graphic designing. Most professionals like the versions of this font except for the Adobe Garamond modification.

You can join graphic design classes to learn why Adobe modification is resentful and more about graphic designing.

Images source- Pinterest


Trajan font is more like an authorized figure in the font world because of its usage in many Hollywood movie and commercial posters. Such extensive use of the font tells you that it is recommended by top professionals in the industry.

Images source- Cufon Fonts

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