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3 Popular Gemstones in Jewellery Designing Used to Make Engagement Rings

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On special days, we tend to choose the best of everything. Be it an outfit, accessories or jewellery – weddings are special. For an engagement ceremony, women select rings that they love. Not everyone wants to have a diamond ring, some go for other precious stones.

Rubies, emerald, sapphire and turquoise are also popularly used to make engagement rings. You can join a Jewellery Design college and learn to make these in exclusive designs like a pro.

Here are three gemstones that are popularly used to make engagement rings:


This gemstone comes in many hues such as blue, white, green and pink. Sapphires are a very hard mineral and only slightly less durable than diamonds, meaning they are a perfect alternative for an engagement ring. Join Jewellery Designing classes to learn more about this gemstone from experts.


This is a beautiful green stone and perfect for nature lovers. Emeralds were very popular in the past and if you are a lover of all things retro, they could be the perfect choice of stone for you, especially on an engagement day. Join Jewellery Designing courses in Hyderabad and learn to use this metal in rings from professionals.


If you want your engagement ring to stand out, you may want to choose one with a purple stone. It is a durable stone and is much cheaper than a diamond. You may want to set the stone with other colours to give a unique look and if you like rose gold, amethyst is perfect.

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