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3 Props You Can Use for Food Photography with our Weekend Photography Course

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Ever since food bloggers started using social media platforms like Instagram, food photography has seen a rise in demand. As much as people love eating, they enjoy scrolling through mouth-watering images of food as well.

To make pictures appealing, experts at weekend Photography courses in Hyderabad advice photographers to use different props like multi-colour napkins, bowls, cutlery and so much more. But make sure you use them carefully because in the end, the dish should always be the shining star!

Here are three props that you can use for food photography:

Wooden Boards

Wooden board is a must-have for every aspiring food photographer. While giving support to the dish, it also creates a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Professionals at Photography weekend courses suggest, setting your frame both with and without a wooden board to understand the difference.

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Bowls & Plates

When you keep using single-coloured bowls or plates, your photos may start to look unappealing. By joining weekend Photography classes, you’ll learn that it’s better you use ceramic bowls or plates instead of the plastic ones. This will make your set-up stand out and give you attractive images.

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Cloth Napkins

Colourful napkins can also be an excellent prop. Using this will add uniqueness and brighten up your photos. Even if your dish is simple, this will add visual interest in your picture.

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