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3 Rules that Every Graphic Designer Lives By!

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Here’s a question for graphic design enthusiasts and budding graphic designers. How do you make your designs effective? What factors do you consider to choose the elements in the creative?

These questions are the basic ones and might prove to be eye-openers for amateurs and experienced graphic designers at work. You can follow the rules made to facilitate quality considering these factors to be followed like a checklist. These rules are derived from the knowledge of experienced graphic designers and artists. Graphic Design Institutes help you learn these and urge you to follow them strictly.

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Where other than Graphic Design courses can you get this knowledge systematically from? The disciplined approach to learning Graphic Design makes you a master in no time! This includes learning some rules and practices that a graphic designer will maintain at all times.

Before you join an institute of Graphic Designing, a thought given to how creatives become so effective can be enriched by observation. Often, the major elements that come to view are the use of colours, alignment of elements in the creative, sizes of elements and volume of content.

At a professional institute for Graphic Designing courses, there are several factors will be considered in greater detail for you to learn.

Here are a few rules that graphic designers strictly follow that will help you to grow your skills in Graphic Designing in the right direction.

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Scale and Hierarchy

Relative sizes of elements, images or text, in the creative field are important to consider for a good graphic design. For images, the size is decided by the prominence required. The font size determines the legibility of the text.

Another factor that determines the size of elements is their hierarchy in the creative. With text, headings, sub-headings, description and call-to-action texts have their respective sizes in the order of their importance. So the headlines will be the largest texts and descriptions will be in smaller but readable sizes. This again changes with the type of media – digital or print.


The legibility of text in a creative is dependent on size, positioning, spacing and colour. Text sizes basically should facilitate easy readability with regard to the media it appears on. The positioning of text should ideally be in a space that has margin from other elements.

Also, the background should not hide the text. The background and text colours should not have discord.

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Design for the Audience

Learn to design as per the needs of your target audience. The design style differs for a kids’ creative and an adult creative. It differs when you design for an educational institution or a commercial brand. It is necessary to observe and learn design elements that suit different kinds of audience.

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