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3 Shades of Lipsticks that are a Must-Have in Your Makeup Kit

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All women love lipsticks and cannot step out of their homes without using it for even a single day. This is the reason why you cannot just pick a random shade and apply it. It is not about the money to spend on the product but about the investment for finding the right shade for you.

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Here are 3 shades that you must have in your makeup kit,

Nude Lipstick

First of all, nude lipsticks mean choosing a colour that is similar to your lip’s skin colour. It makes your lips shinier while giving you a natural look. So, make sure that you pick the right shade.

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Images source- Integrity Botanicals

Pink Lipstick

Most of the girls in the world love the colour pink and thus it is a certified girly colour. The best part is that the skin tone does not matter when it comes to using pink lipstick. All complexions can wear this colour and it makes you look charming too.

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Images source- Pinterest

Berry Lipstick

This shade of lipstick is best when you have to go on an outing with friends. So, this is inarguably a must-have lipstick for everyone. There are tons of shades in berry lipstick with unique names for each one.

Images source- Pinterest

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