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3 Styling Tips to Apply Makeup like a Pro!

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Makeup is a reflection of your personality. It enhances the beauty and makes the person look attractive. Each one of us have different style and preferences, but the basics of applying makeup are same for everything.

It is important to follow each step carefully because the smallest steps, when done incorrectly, can make a big difference in how your look turns out. You can join Fashion Styling classes and get trained to help you ace your makeup.

Here are three styling tips to apply makeup like a pro:

Prepare Your Skin

When planning to apply makeup, it is important to prepare your skin with the essentials. Use a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. The next step would be applying a primer to create a smooth base for your foundation. You can join Fashion Styling schools to learn more about the different skin care methods.

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Use the Right Concealer

Having acne marks or blemishes on the face is common. If you don’t want them to be too visible, try using a concealer that can hide these easily. You can create a triangle under your eyes and gently blend it using your fingers, blender or brush. Experts at Fashion Styling colleges suggest using a concealer instead of a foundation to get a light coverage and a no-makeup look.

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Prepare Your Lips

Just like your face, your lips need hydration too. It is important to moisturise your lips with a good quality lip balm. You should also scrub it occasionally to get rid of the dead and dry skin. Don’t forget to choose colours that complement your skin tone. 

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