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3 Things that you need to know about Jewellery Designing Today

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Famous French photographer, illustrator and author, Garance Doré, once said that “Jewellery is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it”.

How true!! Jewellery gives an insight into our personal choices and projects our inspirations drawn from the surroundings.

Unlike previously, the demand for customised jewellery is increasing. This is in turn increasing the demand for jewellery designers as well as jewellery design courses.

You no longer have to be an amateur or a silent practitioner. While your doubts about how prolific this profession can be are understandable, you must overcome them! The first and the most important aspect of gaining confidence in any skill is certification.

In a world rife with competition, carving a niche for yourself isn’t going to be easy. But if you’re a novice and unsure of where you stand on the spectrum of the Jewellery Designing world, all you have to do is bear three things in mind:

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  1. Getting Started: The demand for Jewellery Designing and Jewellery Designers alike has mushroomed over the past decade. So when make the decision of gaining academic as well as practical knowledge of this subject and certifying yourself, make sure you do it from a leading Jewellery Designing Institute.

While this course is still unique in its own way and not as easy to come by as several other creative diplomas, there is quite a sea of such educational forums out there. Select the one that suits your convenience, interests as well as affordability.

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  1. Certification: Now that you have decided on enrolling in your desired course, you need to keep the learning process going. Acquire the technical know-how, understand each module deeply and hone your skills with practice. Weigh your pros and cons about where your strengths lie in terms of specialization.

Today, there is an enormous variety of specialized forms of jewellery making have crafted careers for many. For instance, Terracotta jewellery, floral jewellery, oxidised jewellery and much more.

This will help you know your choices and give you a clear picture about your areas of excellence. This stage is very important in shaping up your career. So make a wise choice.

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  1. Future prospects: Once you are done with the course, you have to decide what you plan to do. Do you want to work under a brand or open your own jewellery store? Would you prefer to train under an independent designer or patent your own line of jewellery?

Would you like to specialise in antique, fashion, gems or gold jewellery?  It’s all a matter of identifying your interest and the corresponding skill.

Your decisions will enable you to set your goals. Like any other creative realm, jewellery making comes with its own share of challenges. But each mountain must be climbed one at a time. So follow these three steps to grow as a professional jewellery designer.

Remember, the avenues of jewellery designing are several. But the right choice alone will guarantee a sparkling career!

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