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3 Tips for Amazing Night Photography

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The skies look dramatic at night. Darkness has its own beauty that is something one can’t deny. The stars, moon, clouds, landscape or the city skyline look divine in the dark. You can capture these and turn them into amazing frames.

When you are stargazing on the terrace or camping out of the city, take out your camera and shoot the beauty of nature. To be able to click stunning images, you can join Photography classes and learn from professionals.

Here are three tips for amazing night photography:

Memorise the Gear Functions

During the dark it can get difficult to locate buttons to change camera settings. Also, locating the accessories buried deep in your camera bag can be a challenge. So, memorise the gear functions in advance.

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Use High ISO Testing

If you are confused about how you can determine exposures from scratch, use a trick called High ISO testing as your guide. Here’s how this works. For each successive increase of your ISO dial and full stop in opening the aperture notch of your lens, your subsequent exposure time will be cut in half. You can join Photography courses in Hyderabad and learn more about this from experts.

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Arrive Early at the Location

Plan in advance and arrive at your location before sunset to take your time to set up. Doing this can help you gain the advantage of clicking pictures during the magic hour lighting. This will make you understand how changing light conditions can impact a scene. You can take Photography training in Hyderabad and know all about the places that are perfect for night photography.

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