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3 Tips for Cloud Photography

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Most people love watching clouds, moving at their own pace and taking different shapes. While photographers go for landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, many take up cloud photography as their favourite subject.

You can capture white, large clouds on a sunny day, pinkish-orange ones just before sunset or dark grey clouds on a rainy evening. And much as people love pictures of stars, sun and the moon, clouds make for an amazing frame too.

To be able to capture the right frame of clouds, you can join Photography classes in Hyderabad and learn from professionals.

Here are three tips for cloud photography:

Stabilise Your Camera

Most of the photographers prefer holding their camera in their hands while capturing images, but there can be situations when you will need to use a tripod. It’s helpful when you are doing long exposure photography. When you click clouds during the dark, you should consider using a remote shutter. Touching your camera, even while it is on a tripod, can cause movement and affect the quality of the image.

Shoot During the Golden Hour

Pictures taken during the golden hour have their own charm and will help you add dimension and colour to them. It is the time after the sunrise or sunset, when it casts a bout of orange glow onto the clouds. The sun is low on horizon, which means the golden hour produces shadows that highlights the shape of the clouds. You can join a Photography institute in Hyderabad to know more about this from experts.

Check Weather Updates

Before you set out to take some amazing pictures, make sure you are aware of the weather in that area. Forecasts provide you with ample information if you want to capture exceptional cloud photos. They’re particularly useful if you want to capture a location in a specific type of weather. If you want to click storm clouds, check the updates of the location and prepare yourself. Join a Photography college in India and learn the art of capturing beautiful images from the best in the industry.

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