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3 Tips for Indoor Photography

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Due to the worldwide pandemic, we are all locked inside our house, unable to do most of the things we love. But this lockdown should not put a stop to your creative mind. There’s so much we can do staying home like giving time to our passion and hobbies.

Capturing pictures at home with limited equipment can be challenging. However, nothing can stop us from doing what we love to do the most. You can learn to shoot like professionals by joining weekend Photography courses and improve your skills without disturbing your daily schedule.

If you like taking pictures and want to know the technical aspects, you are in the right place. So, wake the shutterbug in you and start clicking.

Here are three tips for Indoor Photography:

Correct Your White Balance

Cameras, these days, are pre-set for most functions and white balance is set in ‘Auto White Balance” mode. But experts at weekend Photography classes say that it is best to adjust the white balance (WB) settings manually, especially when shooting indoors.

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Slow Shutter Speed

You can increase the overall exposure in your indoor photography by slowing down your shutter speed. But remember, you’ll need to use a tripod for any shutter speeds under 1/60th. You can join Photography weekend classes to learn more about this from experts.

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Boost ISO in Low Light

The second and the most common way to increase overall exposure in low light locations is to increase your ISO settings. Doing so may increase the chance of noise or grain in your photos, so be careful.

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Join Hamstech’s Photography weekend course and learn to click stunning images from home without compromising on your job or education. Enrol now!

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