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3 Tips to Perfectly Capture Your Four-Legged family

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For pet owners, these cute 4-legged beings are no less than their own kids. Just like parents capture everything done by their child, people with pets love to capture everything these animals do.

Something that is similar between children and animals is that both of them are unpredictable. When you try to click photos of these energetic beings, they turn away or change their position and the pictures get blurred.

Here are 3 tips that are given in a lot of Photography courses for beginners which will help you capture perfect photos of your beloved pet. Let’s take a look at them.

Set your camera at your pets’ eye level

One of the most important lesson taught in Photography training classes is to keep the camera at their eye level. Similarly, while taking photos of your pets, adjust the camera according to their eye level. This will personalise the pictures.

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Give them their favourite treat or toy

One of the best way to catch the attention of your pet is to treat them. All of us know what our pets love the most. Take this as an advantage and give them their favourite toy so that when they start playing with it; you will certainly get some amazing shots. But for this type of photography, you will have to put your camera on sports mode. 

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Adjust the Lights

Most of the times, light will reflect from your pet’s eyes. This can often spoil a good photograph. The perfect shots can be taken in bright yet diffused lights. Sometimes, the fur of your pet looks beautiful in sunlight; if you want to capture that, make sure you set the ISO of your camera accordingly. You can learn more about the light adjustments by taking short term course for Photography.

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