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3 Types of Blazers You Can Use in Unique Ways for Fashion Styling

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Blazers look classy and are essential for corporate meetings. They make you look professional and elegant. However, in India, use of blazers is only around ceremonial events. The reason being we do not know when to wear them and how to style a blazer for everyday use.

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Here are three kinds of blazers to style yourself according to occasions:

Printed blazer

A printed blazer looks amazing for any kind of casual meet. Pair it with a plain shirt for semi-formal style or with a top for a casual and fun look. For bottom wear, you can wear a trouser or jeans and make a style statement wherever you go! Join Fashion Styling classes to learn more about pairing clothes in the right way from experts.

Images source- Pinterest

Suit Blazer

A suit blazer has the same kind of fabric for both trousers and blazers. This makes it easier for you to style and also looks classy. Experts at Fashion Styling institute suggest that you can pair a suit blazer with a simple white top as it never goes out of style!

Images source- Pinterest

Gingham Blazer

The most fun and casual kinds of blazers are gingham. This is because they are checkered blazers and look gorgeous with everything. You can wear them with whatever your heart desires like a top, jeans, trousers or skirts.

Images source- The EveryGirl

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