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3 Waste Items You Can Recycle as Home Décor through Interior Designing

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We have all heard, “Old is Gold” and that is why old objects do not become waste over-time but more valuable instead. There are objects which have been passed down from one generation to the next. Similarly, while designing your space, you can use many objects which can add timeless beauty to your home.

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Here are three items which you can recycle and decorate your home with:

Bottle Lamp Fixtures

One of the most common ideas that never goes out of style is the use of empty bottles. You can clean wine and beer bottles or you can also cut the top halves to use them. A string of bottles hanging over your dinner table can add such a priceless vintage look. Start attending a Interior Design course in Hyderabad on weekends and learn more about these from experts.

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Old Windows on Wall

Old windows and window panes look gorgeous when placed on the wall giving a vintage look to your room. You can place these windows on art walls and with other paintings to get a boho-kind-of-a-look. Join a weekend Interior Design class to learn more about using recycled items for home décor.

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Images source- Pinterest

Crockery Planters

Every house has a few pieces of old teapots, mugs and other utensils made of bone china and ceramic. Instead of leaving them for dust to settle in cupboards, you can use them as planters to create a beautiful space in your rooms.

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Images source- Pinterest

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