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3 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence is Changing The Future Of Photography

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Photography is no longer just a hobby. It is not just being used just to capture special moments, but also to sell or promote a service or product. These days, more people are choosing this as a full-time career option.This demand for photography has led to a lot innovations, like artificial intelligence and image recognition technology. You can take Photography Classes and improve your skills.

Artificial intelligence has enabled computers to identify content, style and context within photographs so that they can help automatically tag our image libraries. Many Photography Colleges teach you the right techniques required to be a professional photographer. Here are 3 ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the future of photography.

Fast Facial Recognition of Famous Faces

The face analysis technology automatically sorts and groups photos according to facial landmarks which the computer recognises and stores within its memory. What’s better than cleaning a collection of duplicate or unwanted images? The facial recognition function quickly sorts the files and recovers all images of a specific person.

Visual Search Organises And Cleans

When faced with a series of images, the editor balances complex sequencing decisions based on visual similarities or dissimilarities. Functions like visual search helps editors determine if certain images were uploaded before and are already online. This avoids duplication of content. Join Hamstech’s Weekend Photography Course to learn professional photography without compromising on your current job.

Suggested Auto-Tagging Speeds Up Metadata Input

Another function that can help editors save time is suggested auto-tagging. This labels your images with appropriate keywords and these are then part of your image metadata. Auto-tagging can also enable automatic recognition of certain landmarks that can only be sold as editorial licenses.

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