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3 Ways of Fashion Styling Using Old Neckties

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Remember all those neckties you’ve got for your father or husband over the years? They don’t use them anymore, right?

Instead of keeping them in the closet, you can use your creativity to make something unique with those colourful ties. Check out these 3 garments and accessories that you can design:

Necktie Skirt

If you love to wear a mix & match of different patterns, you can try making a necktie skirt for yourself. All you have to do is to open the stitches from the tie and attach it to the other ties. You can become a pro by learning from the experts at a Fashion Styling course.

Necktie Bracelet

Love silk bracelets look amazing, don’t they? With the help of an old necktie, a button or some hooks, you can design a beautiful new bracelet for yourself or your loved ones. Enrol in a diploma in Fashion Styling and learn interesting ways of using neckties.

Necktie Scarf

These days, scarfs are in trend are worn with almost all outfits. If you have some old neckties, you can make a beautiful silk scarf from them. For this, you’ll have to open the stitches of the tie and sew them together. Flaunt your new and unique scarf for all occasions.

There are a lot more ideas for re-using old neckties and you can learn about all of them at the Fashion Styling classes. If you would like to get a Fashion Styling Training in Hyderabad, join Hamstech and get certified by our expert faculties.

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