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3 Ways to Beautify Your Shoes through Accessory Designing

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Don’t we love to change our footwear whenever we step out? But sometimes, the shoe that we pick up first, becomes the ‘shoe of the day’. It is quite possible that you may be bored of this and would desperately want to replace these shoes and make them stylish.  

If you’re thinking to throw them away, think about it again. Here are 3 shoe decoration ideas that can transform these footwear from an ordinary to an extraordinary Fashion Accessory.

Brighten them With Glitter

Your boring old shoes can now shine with just some glitters on it. All you have to do is clean your shoe, add some fevicol and sprinkle colourful glitter on it. You can also learn to make interesting patterns with glitters through Fashion Accessory design courses.

Beautify Using Lace

Laces can give your shoes a funky and stylish look. By attaching them to your shoe, you can give a beautiful makeover to your footwear. These laces are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit your taste. The Accessory Design schools can make you an expert in enhancing the look of your shoes.

Paint them With Your Creativity

The fabric paints, spray paints or your nail paints can be used to do this. You can now express your creativity and show it to the world through your shoes. The experts of Accessory Designing courses teach their students to modify the footwear through this method.

Accessories can be deigned in a lot of creative ways. You can learn about all of them by joining the Accessory Design courses at Hamstech. Enrol today and start learning!

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