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3 Ways to Capture Water Droplets through Photography!

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Creativity is important when it comes to capturing unique frames. There are a lot of subjects that might interest you in photography and clicking water droplets is something you should definitely try. Although this is a challenging subject to shoot, there are some expert tips that will help you capture each drop with ease. To get the right frame, you must know the right techniques.

You have to be patient and must have the required equipment to get the perfect shot of a water droplet. The pictures, if taken perfectly, come out very artistic and unique. The frames display depth and are easy to catch anyone’s attention.

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Here are three ways to capture water droplets through Photography:

Set Your Camera

A tripod is a must if you want a clear picture. Make sure the droplet is at the center and in focus. Set your camera to manual mode while focusing on the point where your drops will be hitting the water. You can dip a finger into water to get something to focus.

Choose a fast shutter speed and an aperture of f4-f5 for enough depth of field. Turn on your flash and darken the room, now you’re ready to shoot.

Wait for the Right Time

Perfectly timing your short is the hardest part in water droplet photography. You have to click a lot of pictures until you get the perfect frame. Photography weekend courses are a good way in which you can learn more about this skill and get certified by experts.

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Experiment with Different Liquids and Containers

There are a lot of liquids other than water which can give you the perfect droplets. You can use dyes to add colour to your photos or use juices. You can also try adding liquids of different colours on each other to get a colourful creative splash. Join a Photography training institute to improve your clicking abilities.

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