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3 Ways to Make Money from Stock Photography

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Before we get started, let’s understand what is meant by stock photography. Selling your photographs and giving someone the license to use them is known as stock photography.

Capturing moments has become a trend now. Whenever we go out, we love to click picture of others or take selfies with our friends, isn’t it? If you are interested in learning professional photography, you can join the top Photography institutes in Hyderabad. But, if you are good at it and want to sell your snaps, stock photography is the best option.

In this article, we’ll give you 3 basic tips that are given at every photography courses. When you start as a beginner or you reach an expert level, these will help you stay ahead of others in this field:

Selecting the Concepts

Most of us would like to capture things we adore. But, when it comes to selling your snaps, there is more to it. It is necessary to select concepts that will be relatable for your audience. Some of the best topics for your photographs can be lifestyle, illusions, outdoor shoot and so on.

Shoot Location

Not all shoots are done by choosing a location. However, you can capture some of best shots during the sunset, sunrise or in monsoons. The concerts, clubs or parks can also be some of the best places for candid photography. You can improve your skills at digital photography institutes in Hyderabad.

Pricing and Licenses

This is something most professional photographers would not know. There are three ways in which you can use your images for stock photography.

  • Rights managed- this is applicable for one time use. If your client want to use the image for a second time, they’ll have to pay again.
  • Royalty Free- in this, once licensed, your client can use your images forever without paying any additional charges.
  •  Micro stock- just like the R.K, these images can be used a number of times and the cost is as low as $1, that is approximately Rs. 70 per picture.

Want to excel in this art? Join Photography training classes at Hamstech and let the world discover the artist in you.

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