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4 Common Misconceptions Beginners Have About Photography

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We have all been the victims of photography misconceptions at some point. There are a lot of misconceptions about photography that many still believe. Whether it is about assuming that a new camera will make you a better photograph or the all-too-common ’shutter speed affects flash exposure’, both beginners and experienced photographers have their own set of myths that they stick by.

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Through this blog, we tried to debunk 4 common misconceptions, beginners have about photography. Read on to see the most common myths in photography.

Professional photographers get paid and amateurs do not

This is one of the big photography myths. Try asking this question, “what is the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer?”. The top statement will probably be the answer to this question.

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While there is some truth that professional photographers get paid, it is also not uncommon for the amateurs to sell their photography work through image hosting websites like Flickr, Shutterstock, Instagram and others.

However, the real difference a professional and an amateur photographer is that professional photographer knows what exactly makes a great image. While an amateur like a student attending photography college shows practically everything in the image – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Professional photographers don’t take bad photos

This is probably the biggest myth of all time in photography – “professional photographers don’t take bad photos.” This stands only as a myth. The reality is that there is no one is a perfect photographer and hence you can say that the statement “a perfect photographer” is one of the greatest photography myths.

Pro photographers are not students of photography

The photography myth here is that many photographers consider themselves as professionals and there is nothing more to learn in photography. The fact is that many professional photographers no matter how big-time they are, continue taking classes to stay up-to-date with the latest progress in the photography industry.

Even people from other fields like professors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, financial advisors, etc, keep learning and updating themselves regularly- photographers are no different. Every professional has his/her own way to learn new things. While some join photography institutes to learn the subject, others keep learning while exploring various sources.

Shutter Speed Affects Flash Exposure

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This photography misconception is depended on the end result. Flash exposure is normally not affected by shutter speed. Photographers use flash only where there is not enough light or want to enhance the existing light.

However, the shutter speed of the camera impacts not only the subject where the flash strikes but also the entire frame. This move is very important when the photographer is trying to overpower the sun with the flash.

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