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4 Graphic Design Terms Simplified for Beginners!

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We have often seen movie posters or brand logos or hoardings in so many areas where we see attractive designs, colour splash and artistry. Have you ever wondered how designers make these designs visually appealing!

Through the right Graphic Design training, you can enhance your skills and create exclusive designs all by yourself. Here are four Graphic Design terms used by professional designers:


Typography is an interesting subject in graphic designing course that helps you make a design using a variety of fonts. It is a visual art form through which you can arrange the text and make it readable and appealing. Typography involves selecting typefaces, line lengths and line adjustments between letters.


In Graphic Designing, kerning is the process of adjusting the space between two characters. Kerning aims to achieve a more proportional balancing of space between each character. You can join Graphic Design classes to learn more about this from experts.


RGB is a colour model in graphic design in which the basic colours of red, green and blue are added together in multiple ways to reproduce a broad array of colours.


Opacity is the feature that enables us to make a design element transparent. This describes the transparency level of an image. If there is 100% opacity of an image, it means that the image is solid.

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