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4 Interior Designing Tips for Picking the Perfect Curtains

Who doesn’t love beautiful drapes? As much as they save us from direct sunlight, curtains also enhance the beauty of your bedroom, living or dining room. But selecting them can be a little challenging, as you must focus on its quality as well as the design.

Experts at Interior Design institutes in Hyderabad say that you should first decide what is your purpose of having curtains. Whether you want your room to be more colourful and vibrant or you want to use it to let the light in through the windows or not. This will help you select the right curtains for your house.

Here are four Interior Designing tips for picking the right curtains:

Select the Right Fabric

Curtains are an accessory that can be easily changed, so alternating them every few weeks is a good idea. In winters, go for a heavier gauge option, as it helps keep your house warmer. But in summers, consider going for a light-gauge material, like sheer.

Opt for Unique Patterns

Pattern can be a tricky balance when it comes to curtains. Too little and your design can look boring but too much can make your space look cartoonish. To strike the perfect balance, pick a simple pattern in neutral colours. According to professionals during Interior Design classes, a vertically striped curtain can help make your ceilings look higher than they actually are.

Focus on Height

Height is one of the most essential factors in selecting curtains. The drape should extend well past your window and land just above the floor. And for a more traditional style, give them an extra inch of fabric to drag along the floor.

Choose Colour Carefully

When selecting a shade for curtains, go for something that complements the existing colours in your room. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but select a hue that you can find elsewhere in your home. When you join an Interior Designing college, you’ll know that it’s better to opt for neutrals.

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