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4 Interior Designing Tips from Experts for 2020!

interior design weekend course

We all love experimenting and trying new things to decorate our homes. When doing this yourself, you should always be careful. Don’t go crazy or opt for things that would take time and resources.

If you like decorating your surroundings then you should join an Interior Design weekend course and get skilled without disturbing your daily schedule.

Here are four Interior Designing Tips from Experts for 2020:

Combine Different Patterns

According to experts at Interior Design weekend classes in Hyderabad, combining different patterns in the same room can be difficult, but you can use varying patterns in similar colours. For example, try small florals mixed with big blooms, or go for bold geometric shapes in different colours.

Two-Toned Walls

You can add some architectural features to your newly built home by simply adding a two-tone wall that changes colour at your waist height. With this you will have a different colour starting midway and continue onto the ceiling to add height. This is one of the most affordable ways to add interest to your home.

Add Pendant Lights

You should hang pendant lights based on its size and style or the height of your ceilings and the height of the people living in your home. According to experts at Interior Design weekend classes, you should hang you r light about 2.4 m from the floor in a living room, leave about 75 cm between the table top and your pendant or leave about 80 cm for your kitchen island.  

Add a Staircase Runner

Through Interior weekend training, you’ will get guidance from professionals and learn how you can make a narrow staircase appear bigger. You can fit a runner leaving about 8 cm of bare floor on both sides. The runner divides up the space, drawing the eye into the distance and creating an illusion into thinking the area is wider than it is.

You can now enhance your beautifying skills by joining Hamstech’s weekend Interior Design course and learn without compromising on your job or education. Enrol now and get guidance from some of the top designers of this industry!

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