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4 Interior Designing Tips to Transform Simple Chairs!

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Most of us have unused or damaged chairs lying in our store rooms. Did you know that instead of discarding them, you could reuse them with a little effort? These worn-out chairs can be transformed into new ones, tables, pot holders and many other decor.

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Here are four Interior Designing tips to transform simple chairs:

An Outdoor Bench

The old chairs can be used to create a comfortable outdoor bench. Add two or three of them, depending on how big you want your bench to be and create a customised cushion that goes well. You can paint them or leave them as they are to get a rustic and vintage look. Through Interior Design weekend courses in Hyderabad, you can learn to make this trendy outdoor seating.

Pet Feeders

Give your pets a new feeding place, which they will enjoy. This is perfect for taller or older dogs who have difficulty in bending to their bowls on the floor. You can just cut out a section in the middle of the chair and keep the stainless steel bowls. You’ve got a lovely place for your pets to eat.

Storage Box

You can store your hair accessories, jewellery, threads and needles, toys and more in a storage box made from an old chair. You can use the legs and seat from your chair and then add the cushioned top. This will be a perfect addition for your bathroom or bedroom. Through Interior weekend training, you will find it easier to make this storage box.

Garden Shelf

You can use this to display plants in your balcony or to hold necessities in the verandah. You can reuse the old chairs without legs in a creative way. Repaint it to for an amazing weathered look.

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