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4 Most Popular Trends in Graphic Design

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The new decade demands new ideas. The graphic design industry needs creative thinking and it requires designers to come up with designs that will attract the audience or clients. This competitive field has seen new trends and most of them have worked well.

There are lot of ways that the designers try to make their brand more visible and attract loyal clients. You can join Graphic Design classes in Hyderabad to learn more about the latest trends of this industry.

Here are four popular Graphic Design trends:

Asymmetrical Layout

The idea of revealing only a part of the design or purposely keeping the design unfinished giving it a lack of symmetry can capture attention and is a great way to convey a message more boldly. Asymmetric design gives creatives space in applying graphic elements in order to communicate something more free-spirited and abstract.

Bold Typography

Typography has been one of the most fundamental design elements because of what it can communicate visually, way more than its literal written purpose. Experts at Graphic Design institutes in India say that these days, many brands are using strong sans-serif fonts in their designs or while branding.

Colour Gradients

These have been popular for a long time now, be it in UI, package design or branding. According to many experts, colour gradients are expected to have more center stage this year through its application in all types of design, especially in illustration.

Fluid Shapes

Organic shapes are popular and can be found in many designs today. According to experts at Graphic Design colleges, these are projected to have more impact by being applied to brand identity systems, 3D forms and short motion graphic videos. Glossy, reflective and liquid textures will also trend as they are known to create more depth.

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