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4 Photography Tips to Capture Shadows

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A shadow is created when something stands in front a light source and causes the light to cast behind or in front of it. Shadow photography may not be that common but makes for amazing frames and immediately draws the attention of the viewers.

It may not be a popular genre but shadows can be an amazing way to improve your grip on contrast, balance or texture in your picture without much effort. You only need a well-placed light source and an object to strategically block it. You can join a weekend Photography course to learn more about this without disturbing your daily schedule.

Here are four Photography tips to capture shadows:

Patterns Can be Helpful

You should have a different perspective and look at things that have interesting patterns and visualise where the light will hit them. Such patterns will create a focal point in your photos and make them more appealing to look at. Join weekend Photography classes and learn more about this from the best in the industry.

Use Harsh Light

Shadows are captured best in harsh light. So, take photos on days that are sunny. This contrast and strong light will create amazing shadows in your images and give a more dramatic frame. This makes Golden Hour the perfect time to shoot because this is when the potential for shadows is at its highest.

Use Reflections

Monsoon is almost here and puddles can enhance the depth and drama added to the shadows by repeating what is already evident in the image. Even reflections on buildings can add depth to the image and also add some intrigue or appeal. Join Photography weekend classes and know more about such techniques from professionals.

Use Colour

It is not necessary that every shadow has to be black. The shade also depends upon your composition and what your light is hitting. Use translucent and transparent objects to hit the light. This will create a coloured shadow.

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