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4 Simple Skills That Can Enhance Fashion Illustration

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Drawing pictures is a basic skill you learn in your schooling years. If you try, you could use the skill to shine in a creative profession in the fashion industry.

A lot of artists do Fashion Designing courses to master the art of drawing fashion sketches. It’s an important skill as a fashion designer.

Fashion illustration could look like a complicated art involving body proportions and detailing. However, Fashion Design training begins fashion illustration with basic drawing practices that are easy to develop and implement.

Are you wondering how you can start with a fashion illustration too? Well, here we reveal some simple drawing skills that students use in Fashion Design schools.

fashion designing courses

Drawing Basic Shapes

Basic shapes like ovals, circles, rectangles, and triangles can help you build your base in drawing complicated images. Learn to draw 3D extensions of these basic shapes.

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Drawing Curves

Curves are a major part of fashion sketches. Practice forming ‘S’ curves, circles and spirals and you can extend these to drawing human figures and fabric details.

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Drawing Simple Objects

Learn to draw simple objects that concur with the basic shapes. Mastering this can help you draw perfect fashion figures.

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Combining Shapes Meaningfully

At this point, you should practice combining more than one shape in details to form real-life objects. From here, you can move on to drawing more detailed figures with a good sense of proportion.

Aren’t these steps simple to implement? All it takes is practice to master and imagination to become an expert illustrator.

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