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4 Substitutes of All-Purpose Flour You Can Use in Baking

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There are different varieties of flour available in the market and all-purpose flour is not the only one you have to use for baking. The idea that different flours can be used was discovered after knowing that a lot of people are allergic to some. So an untapped market is now open for manufacturers.

You can learn all about the substitutes of all-purpose flour by joining baking classes in Hyderabad, so experts can help you understand which type of flour to use and when.

Here is a list of four substitutes that you can use instead of all-purpose flour:

Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour, also known as besan in our country, is the top substitute for all-purpose flour in baking. The extensive use of this flour is possible because of its amazing binding power. You can use this to make a lot of baked delicacies such as bread, desserts and much more. Join a baking college near you to learn more about baking ingredients and their usage.

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Image source- The Spruce Eats


Rice Flour

It is similar to cornstarch but much better for thickening the liquid so the particles stick to one another. You can use white, brown or sweet glutinous rice flour, which despite the name, is gluten-free. This will add crunchiness to your baked items. Start attending baking classes and learn making cakes, pies or doughnuts from experts.

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Image source- Eat Right Basket


Almond Flour

Almond flour is made just like any other nut flour, by grinding whatever is left of the nuts after removing the oil from it. The cakes made using almond flour are extra delicious and your clients will be hooked to its taste once they try as this gives a rich flavour which is not possible to obtain using other flours. Join a baking course today and start learning different kinds of baking techniques.

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Image source- Bigger Bolder Baking


Buckwheat Flour

This is a unique kind of flour which despite the name does not contain wheat in it. It is used mostly for the go-to packages of muffins, pancakes and crepes. It contains lots of fibre and proteins which is why its consumption has increased rapidly.

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Images source- Organic shandy


Join Hamstech’s baking classes, learn basic and advanced techniques of making dessert from industry professionals and kickstart your career.

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