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4 Tips for Better Food Photography

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Understanding the food basics is essential for photographers who want stunning food imagery. You can make use of institutes like Hamstech who offer Cooking Courses in Hyderabad where you can get delicious stuff for your shots. Here are 4 tips to excel in food photography.

Good Lighting is Essential

The first and the most important tip for any photography is lighting. In order to have good food shots, it’s essential to have great lighting. Natural light is best as it limits the shadows you create.

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Give the Food a Story

Give the food a little life by creating a story. If you are shooting food at home, you may think of a theme before you start propping. The surfaces you shoot should reflect the qualities of the dish. Culinary courses in Hyderabad may help you to understand these shots perfectly.

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Keep the Portions Small

When shooting, the food should be kept in small portions. You should use the spaces on the edges of the plate to highlight the food item. Don’t let the food dominate the frame. When you take the Baking Classes in Hyderabad make sure you shoot a piece of cake. A close up shot of a full cake might not look appealing.

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Food Should Look Real

The dish should look beautiful to be photographed, but it should also look real and authentic. Have a bit of mess! Artful placement of a slice removed, or some crumbs at the side can give the photograph a realistic approach. Visit Cake Baking Classes in Hyderabad to get some amazing shots of delicious baked items.

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Short Baking courses are hot and trending now! Join Hamstech and learn 50+ baking recipes and with comprehensive classes on becoming an amazing food photographer.

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