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4 Tips for Stunning Night Photography!

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The night displays the beauty of silence and serenity, the dazzle of lights amidst the dark and sudden cacophony that truly mesmerises everyone. If you step out at night with your camera, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind frames.

Night photography needs a lot of technical knowledge and you can improve this by joining weekend Photography classes in Hyderabad and learn from experts without compromising on your job or education.

Here are four tips for stunning night photography:

Use a Wide Aperture

Using a right aperture is very important to get the desired results. For night time photography, a wider aperture is better. This will allow as much light as possible. Experts during Photography training courses recommend using lenses that can open at least as wide as f/2.8, if not as wide as f/1.2 or f/1.8.

Set Your ISO to a Higher Number

A higher ISO is recommended when you want to go for night photography. You can set it at 800 or higher, depending on the kind of lights you have around you. With a great camera, you can shoot some stunning, clear night photos at a high ISO.

Utilise a High Slow-Shutter Speed

This is going to depend a bit on what you’re shooting. Night sky photography needs a longer shutter speed of 10 seconds or more, or a 2-10-second shutter speed for urban night photography. This depends on the amount of light available and the effect you desire. Join Photography weekend courses to improve your skills in your free time.

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