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4 Types of Biscuits You can Learn to Bake with our Baking Course

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Many people love to start their day with tea and delicious biscuits. In India, the combination of tea and biscuits is like a ritual that must be followed every day in every home all over the country. There are many types of biscuits and cookies all around the world. In the European countries, it is described as baked treats because they are hard in texture campared to cookies.

There are many types of biscuits you can make at home. Join the best baking classes in Hyderabad and learn to create them under expert guidance.

Here are 4 types of biscuits you can learn with our baking course,

Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits

Your tea-time will become even more refreshing with a batch of these fresh-baked biscuits. The main ingredients of this biscuit are chocolate chips, oats and jaggery making it the perfect partner for your tea and relaxation.

Join cooking classes in Hyderabad and to make many types of biscuits for your loved ones.

Images Source- Brown Eyed Baker

Cheese Biscuits

Who does not love crunchy biscuits filled with cheddar cheese? Everybody loves them because they are divine! This is the best kind of biscuits to offer at a kitty party and to mesmerise your guests.

Learn more about making cheese biscuits and many other kinds with baking courses near you.

Images Source- Divalicious Recipes


One of the most popular and oldest baked Indian biscuits is naankhatai. It is made using sooji, maida and butter which creates it a melt-in-the-mouth treat. Many people also put different kinds of chopped dry fruits on it and these are consumed mostly during the winter season.

Images Source- Archana’s Kitchen

Caramel Shortbread

This biscuit is made using sugar, butter and flour. Because of its crumbly texture, it is named as, Caramel Shortbread. You can make it in two flavours- chocolate and caramel and they both taste delicious and are loved very much by kids.

Images Source- Once Upon A Chef

You can join Hamstech’s Baking course and learn to make many different types of cookies, pastries, pies and much more. Join today and become a professional baker!

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