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4 Types of Bridal Jewellery Popular in India

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Brides standing at jewellery stores for hours is one of the most common pre-wedding sights. The bridal look is incomplete without the extravagant Indian jewellery. It adds the festive aura to any outfit that makes her look stunning. Jewellery Designing is now popular subject in India; people are learning this art and making some amazing pieces.

You can join a Jewellery Design School and start a career in this lucrative field. Gold is no longer the only option when it comes to bridal jewellery. Here are 4 other major types of unique pieces that are now in vogue:

Kundan Jewellery

The quality and artistry of kundan jewellery makes it one of the most expensive bridal jewelleries. This is perfect for a bride who needs a classy traditional set.

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Temple Jewellery

This antique jewellery is engraved with figures of Ganesha or Lakshmi for prosperity and happiness. It has a trendy appearance, which is perfect for brides who want a divine and traditional look.

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Mango Mala Set

This is mostly worn by South Indian brides. It symbolises fertility and prosperity. These are made of precious stones and may include peacocks or other symbols of Indian culture. Learn Jewellery Designing in Hyderabad and start making beautiful pieces for your friends and family.

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Meenakari Jewellery

This form of bridal jewellery has originated from Persia and is famous for its colour. Embedded kundan stones and gold designs on enamel are the special qualities of this type of jewellery. Some Meenakari jewels can be worn on both sides as they have different patterns on each of them.

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Enrol in a Fashion Jewellery Design Course in Hyderabad at Hamstech and start your creative journey with us today.  

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